The purposes of the Houston Community College Faculty Association shall be to represent the interests of the faculty in their relations with the administration and the Board of Trustees of Houston Community College ; to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas and information; to provide opportunities for professional growth and development among the faculty; and to provide for active participation in the planning, policy-making and decision-making processes of the institution.


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  1. My name is Helen Marie Bryant. I am adjunct in the Behavioral Sciences. I look forward to attending Faculty Senate meetings in the near future, starting October 9, 20115. Do I need to pay a membership fee to be an active participant?

    1. The general meetings are, almost always, on the second Friday of the month in the afternoon (typically 1:30pm) at Central. See this website for the next meeting.

  2. I see that a few adjuncts have posted. At the February Board of Trustees meeting I addressed the body after David did. I spoke on behalf of all adjuncts on salary, professional development, location of offices etc. I will be attending the next faculty Senate meeting and look forward to hearing from other adjuncts.,
    Joyce Roberta “JR” MIller-Alper Ed.S.

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