Call for Nominations for Faculty Senate Delegate Elections 2016-17

The annual Faculty Senate Delegate elections for the 2016-2017 academic year will be held over the coming weeks. On account of the transformation, we will have a new Senate structure and a new election process. Senators elected this Spring will start their service at the August 2016 meeting of the Faculty Senate.

Deadline Monday, April 4th at 11:59PM. Please use the link below to nominate senate delegates. Self-nominations are accepted. All FT and PT Faculty are eligible to be elected as a Delegate.

Click here to access the Nominations Survey.

If you have any problems using the online link, please email your nomination to ritu.raju@hccs. Please be sure you use the following template if you’d like to email your nomination:

Your name:

Your Instructional Division:

Name of Nominee:

Nominee’s Instructional Division:

Nominee’s HCC email:

Nominee’s Status: Full Time Faculty or Part Time Faculty

This year’s election will be all-electronic and comprises a two-step process as follows:

  • First Round: Faculty will vote within their primary Instructional Division. Dates: April 18-24.
  • Second Round: At-large election for all unfilled seats and separate voting for Adjunct Faculty seats. Dates: May 2-8.

If you any other election-questions, please contact Ritu Raju (


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