Changes to the Bedichek-Orman Awards

Please note that we have made some significant changes to the Bedichek-Orman Awards that will be implemented starting with the grants awarded in Fall 2013.

Details about these changes can be found on our Bedichek-Orman Awards page.

The major changes are as follows:

  • Expanded the types of professional development covered by grants from only conference attendance and presentations to include conference attendance, conference presentations, and workshop/seminar participation.
  • Increased the maximum award amount to $350 for most professional development opportunities and to $600 for conference presentations.
  • Limited the number of awards given each semester to 10. The first 10 complete, qualifying applications to be submitted will be accepted.
  • Changed the guidelines such that preference is given to applicants who have never received an award and such that applicants who have received an award within the last year are excluded.
  • Added three requirements for award winners: (1) a 200 word statement describing their professional development opportunity; (2) participation in the next Bedichek-Orman Auction as either a donor, purchaser, and/or work group volunteer; (3) participation in the creation and execution of a session at the next Faculty Conference to promote the Bedichek-Orman Auction and Awards.

We look forward to many applications this Fall!


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