Curious about what’s up for grabs this year?

Are you curious about what will be up for grabs at this year’s Bedichek-Orman auction? Well, we promise you won’t be disappointed!!!

In addition to the authentic Moroccan treasures, we have a host of other fantastic donations including:

  • A 4 pack of hockey tickets to any Houston Aeros 2011-2012 home game.
  • Lunch for 4 at Brennan’s with the Chancellor.
  • A 6 hour sailboat cruise on Galveston bay.
  • A Rick’s Cafe Casablanca movie poster accompanied by a DVD of the film.
  • Several wonderful art pieces by esteemed artists like Michael Atkinson, Sharon Worley, and Cynthia Millis.
  • A 3-night lodge and spa package in Lake Tahoe.
  • A multitude of reserved parking spots at various campuses and at 3100 Main.

And this barely scratches the surface of our 60+ donations so far this year!

However, we can always use additional donations, so consider asking your favorite businesses for a donation, working together with your department or program to make a donation, or simply cleaning out the closet or attic and donating something you already have — every single donation helps fund worthy professional development causes.  But keep in mind that the deadline for donations is fast approaching! Donations for this year’s auction will only be accepted through the close of business on Friday, September 30, 2011.

We look forward to additional donations and to seeing you at the event on the night of Friday, October 14!


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