WHEREAS Linda Comte has retired from Houston Community College; and

WHEREAS she worked diligently for HCC as a professor of ESL and German, in addition to her many administrative and technical accomplishments; and

WHEREAS she served as President of the Faculty Senate of the Faculty Association for the 1997-1998 academic year; and

WHEREAS she has served as the Chair or Co-chair of the Faculty Conference Committee for countless years; and

WHEREAS she has served on the Texas Community College Teachers Association leadership, including Secretary, TCCTA Foundation Board member and currently Vice-President;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the HCC Faculty Senate hereby honors Linda Comte for her work for Houston Community College and its Faculty Senate, and wishes her a happy and productive retirement.


Howard Bodner 1950-2018 Memory Letter

Last Friday, the HCC family lost one of their own—Howard Phillip Bodner, history professor, world traveler, opera and sports lover, conversationalist, brother, devoted uncle, loving husband, friend and devoted son to parents who both survived the Holocaust.

After two weeks of European travel following the conclusion of our spring semester, Howard died suddenly with his long-time companion and wife, Dr. Joanne Lin, by his side.  The suddenness of his passing has taken those who knew him well by surprise.  We mourn his loss.

Howard was born and educated in Brooklyn, New York, attending the elite Stuyvesant High School and Brooklyn College.  He attended graduate school at NYU, leaving with all but his dissertation completed.  He taught for one year at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa before moving to Texas.  Howard taught at a variety of community colleges, including HCC in the late 1980s and early 90s, before receiving an appointment as a faculty member and professor in the Central College history department in 1994.

As a professor, Howard was a humorous but ardent lecturer who had a serious story to tell—that of our country’s history.  He was loved by his students for his quirky jokes, his fairness, but most of all, his devotion to his craft.  In his last six years, Howard was especially pleased to teach a history survey within the Honors College where his students not only gained a respect for the subject he taught but for the passion with which he taught it.

In his early years at HCC, after many years perfecting his craft as an adjunct professor, Howard eagerly engaged in the life of the college.  He became an active member of the Faculty Senate.  He served on the committee that planned and orchestrated our faculty conferences, year after year.  He also served on the system-wide curriculum committee for many years, as well as a history department coordinator.  He was a major contributor to a history department reader.  And, of course, Howard was a consummate friend and colleague to so many in and out of the history department.  After the Faculty Senate adjourned on Friday afternoons, Howard became a founding member of the Back Street Café regulars, always eager for more conversation and comradery.

When Howard became a freshly-minted full-time faculty member in 1994, I told him that becoming a part of the history department at Central was not unlike getting married.  “We would be together ‘until death do us part.’ So, we always need to make the best of it.”  And surely Howard did.  We will miss his presence in the hallways of Central, in the classroom and amongst our students.  Rest in peace, dear friend.

David Wilcox, colleague and friend

June 8, 2018

Joyce Roberta “JR” Miller-Alper Resolution

WHEREAS the Houston Community College Faculty Senate has worked diligently over the last several years to increase awareness of adjunct issues, and to increase adjunct involvement in the Senate and in key administrative groups; and

WHEREAS Joyce Roberta “JR” Miller-Alper, since her first election to the Senate, has been a tireless and key advocate of adjunct issues, bringing her seemingly boundless energy and verve to the projects on which she worked; and

WHEREAS the Faculty Senate has been informed of the untimely passing of our colleague;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate honors the memory and legacy of JR Miller-Alper by this Resolution, and offers its deepest condolences to her family and friends on this sad occasion.



WHEREAS on January 8, 2018, the Honorable Judge Vanessa Gilmore of the Southern District of Texas passed judgment upon a HCC Trustee Christopher Oliver; and

WHEREAS in comments reported to have been made in open court were appalling to many faculty; and

WHEREAS the Faculty Senate has a duty to defend the reputation of Houston Community College;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate endorses sending an Open Letter to the Houston Chronicle, copies of which will be sent to the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees and posted online; the text of the letter shall read as such:

Dear Editors,

On behalf of the faculty of HCC, Houston’s community college, the Faculty Association Senate would like to respond to reports from January 8, 2018, following the sentencing of former Trustee Christopher Oliver.

The faculty of HCC appreciate the work of the courts in seeing through the administration of justice in this case.  It is vital to the health and sustainability of the college that we maintain accountability while observing due process. The actions of former Trustee Oliver are deplorable and rightfully have been addressed. Yet, we must respond to any attempt that may generalize from this aberrant behavior to the entire institution.

Houston Community College is a central part of the economic and social identity of greater Houston.  We are comprised of over two thousand full-time and adjunct faculty, working hard to give the best possible educational experience to those who come to us.  We serve over fifty thousand students seeking knowledge, skills, inspiration, and the possibility of a better life. We are host to many community partners who want to see a better Houston through our joint efforts.  We are all justifiably proud of our programs, our connections to the community, and our graduates.

Respectfully, therefore, we would ask that these factors be taken into consideration when passing judgment upon our institution as a whole. We are your community college and we stand firm in defense of the work we do.


On behalf of the Faculty Senate of Houston Community College


Professional Development

The Professional Development (PD)                          Sub-Committees:   

  1. Faculty Conference
  2. Faculty Retreat
  3. Faculty Excellence Awards
  4. Bedichek-Orman

Below Information obtained from HCC websites:

  1. The Faculty Conference (FC) – Debra Schultz & Keitha Robinson

This event, in existence over 30 years, is driven by HCC faculty, for HCC faculty. This is a time for us to grow professionally, to bring the best of ourselves to share with each other, to encounter new and innovative ideas, and to renew our conviction that together we are more than the sum of our parts. For the past few years, it has taken place at the DoubleTree Hotel downtown from 8-2 with a Keynote speaker and 3 Breakout Sessions.

  1. The Faculty Retreat (FR) – Helen Graham

The All Faculty Retreat differs from most retreats in that, for the most part, the program is created by the participants themselves. The staff’s major role is facilitation. The format varies but often includes teaching clinics, panels, organized discussions, “hands-on” workshops, and presentations by participants or retreat staff. The exchange takes place not only in scheduled sessions, but also informally on the rooftop, by the pool, in conversations at dinner, or on excursions on the Strand or the island. The goals of the retreat include: sharing methods and techniques – celebrating good teaching – creative, realistic problem solving – an exploration of new ideas – serious introspection and self-appraisal – professional and personal rejuvenation.

  1. The Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards (FTEA) – Richard Gosselin

The HCC Faculty Association wants you to recommend the members of our teaching faculty for the Faculty Teaching Excellence Award. The recommendations should be based on the criteria that focus on the teaching-learning process. Qualities such as knowledge of the material, ability to convey information to students, the ability to motivate students, and willingness to help and listen to students are most important. You may nominate as many outstanding candidates as you wish, but each nomination must be on a separate form. Submit as many nominations as you wish. Include the required information on the website and a short letter of recommendation for your professor. Then get three classmates to write a few sentences in support of your nomination.

  1. The Bedichek-Orman Auction (BOA) – Sheryl Ballard & Linda Graham

The Bedichek-Orman Auction proceeds fund professional development opportunities for HCC faculty—both part-time and full-time! The fund is managed by the HCC Faculty Senate and the HCC Foundation. In addition to great auction items and delicious food, you are guaranteed a fun-filled night with friends and colleagues.



Faculty Senate Professional Development Committee Meeting

When: 1st Thursday’s @3

Where: HCC Central Campus – SJAC 243 Conference Room

Mia Taylor, Chair                                                                                                                                     Linda Graham, Secretary


  1. Call to Order
  2. Welcome
  3. Old Business
  4. The Faculty Conference (FC) – Debra Schultz – Saturday, March 23, 2019, from 8:00AM– 2:00PM at TBD
  5. The Faculty Retreat (FR) – Helen Graham – May 14-17 at The Tremont House in Galveston, Texas
  6. The Faculty Teaching Excellence Awards (FTEA) – Richard Gosselin – Date to start process TBD
  7. The Bedichek-Orman Auction (BOA) {1st Friday in November} – Sheryl Ballard, Linda Graham – November 1, 2019 at the The Wild West!
  8. Other Business
    1. James Battieste, Faculty Senate Treasurer
  9. New Business
  10. Announcements
  11. Adjournment

Next Meeting @3pm – HCC Central Campus – SJAC 243 Conference Room

1st Thursday of the month  [October 4th, November 1st, December 6th, February 7th, March 7th, April 4th, May 2nd]