Senate Workload/Compensation/Benefits Report, as adopted

Please click this link to view the Compensation Committee’s Report and Recommendations to the Faculty Senate

These recommendations were approved by the Senate on February 9, 2018.




WHEREAS on January 8, 2018, the Honorable Judge Vanessa Gilmore of the Southern District of Texas passed judgment upon a HCC Trustee Christopher Oliver; and

WHEREAS in comments reported to have been made in open court were appalling to many faculty; and

WHEREAS the Faculty Senate has a duty to defend the reputation of Houston Community College;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Faculty Senate endorses sending an Open Letter to the Houston Chronicle, copies of which will be sent to the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees and posted online; the text of the letter shall read as such:

Dear Editors,

On behalf of the faculty of HCC, Houston’s community college, the Faculty Association Senate would like to respond to reports from January 8, 2018, following the sentencing of former Trustee Christopher Oliver.

The faculty of HCC appreciate the work of the courts in seeing through the administration of justice in this case.  It is vital to the health and sustainability of the college that we maintain accountability while observing due process. The actions of former Trustee Oliver are deplorable and rightfully have been addressed. Yet, we must respond to any attempt that may generalize from this aberrant behavior to the entire institution.

Houston Community College is a central part of the economic and social identity of greater Houston.  We are comprised of over two thousand full-time and adjunct faculty, working hard to give the best possible educational experience to those who come to us.  We serve over fifty thousand students seeking knowledge, skills, inspiration, and the possibility of a better life. We are host to many community partners who want to see a better Houston through our joint efforts.  We are all justifiably proud of our programs, our connections to the community, and our graduates.

Respectfully, therefore, we would ask that these factors be taken into consideration when passing judgment upon our institution as a whole. We are your community college and we stand firm in defense of the work we do.


On behalf of the Faculty Senate of Houston Community College


Heads up! The All-Faculty Retreat is back!!!

HCC’s All Faculty Retreat is Back!

Join us for the 2018 Faculty Retreat! This year’s retreat will take place May 15-18, 2018 at The Tremont House in Galveston. The All Faculty Retreat differs from most retreats in that, for the most part, the program is created by the participants themselves. The staff’s major role is facilitation. The format varies but often includes: teaching clinics, panels, organized discussions, “hands on” workshops, and presentations by participants or retreat staff. The exchange takes place not only in scheduled sessions, but also informally on the rooftop, by the pool, in conversations at dinner, or on excursions on the Strand or the island.

The goals of the retreat include: sharing methods and techniques – celebrating good teaching – creative, realistic problem solving – an exploration of new ideas – serious introspection and self-appraisal – professional and personal rejuvenation.

The Retreat cost will be posted soon, but it includes room, valet parking, refreshments, and all but one meal (Thursday’s lunch is on your own). Transportation to and from the Retreat is not included. You can use your Professional Development funds or apply for a Bedichek-Orman Grant to cover the cost or a portion of the Retreat. Applicants will be notified of their status in April.

Need to report a student? USE MAXIENT!

Here is the link to report student conduct that may be in violation of the student code of conduct at HCC: click here to make a report in Maxient. My advice to you is to keep a record of every report you fill out by clicking Email me a copy of this report at the bottom of the page.

The system is called MAXIENT and is easy to use.  Please tell your colleagues about this!  If you have a student issue, be it someone who is “more than a little rude” or someone who needs some help, or even someone whom you’ve caught cheating (!!!), use this system to report it.


Due to the preparations for Hurricane Harvey and to the various cancellations around the city, we have decided to postpone our August Faculty Senate meeting which was scheduled for Friday 8/24 at 1:00.

We will meet Friday, September 8, at 1:00 on the Central campus in the Learning Hub, room 100. At that time, please join us in welcoming our Faculty Senate President for 2017-2018, Mohamad Tlass.